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Glass Bowl Sinks

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About Glass Bowl Sinks

Just Bath Vanities' sinks are perhaps one of the most stylish and in-with-the time sinks found online. Sinks are the most essential home accessories. Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, sinks are an absolute necessity. It is important to procure a sink which not only serves its function well, but also complements its surroundings. You should also select a sink which is robust and can be easily maintained. Glass bowl sinks serve these needs well. These sinks are the hottest trend in the market today due to their exquisiteness, sturdiness, and versatility.

A glass bowl sink is a great option if you wish to add a stunning beauty to your bathroom. It is aesthetically pleasing and comes in a variety of color and shapes. Glass sinks are sleek and striking masterpieces which will add a picturesque charisma to your bathroom. There are many types of glass sinks which include fused and slumped, blown, and mosaic.

In fused and slumped glass sinks, different patterns are formed by fusing separate glass pieces together which are then “slumped” into the sink shape. Blown glass sinks are mostly done by hand and result in unique sinks. Mosaic sinks are pieces of colored glass which are fused to the inside of a glass bowl. High-end glass sinks are hand crafted by artisans. These may stretch your budget, but they are masterful works of art which will shine in any home.

Well, you may ask, can’t these sinks be easily shattered? Yes and no. Glass bowl sinks are not usually used in the kitchen because like all glass material, they are vulnerable to cracking. They will sometimes shatter during installation if you do not properly mount them. That is why it is a good idea to invest in a professional sink installer to properly set up your sink. After the sink is installed and mounted, it is actually pretty hard to break it.

One common way that glass sinks shatter is due to thermal shock, which is a rapid and extreme change in temperature. For example, if you filled your sink with freezing water, then quickly drained it, and then poured in boiling water, the sink would probably shatter. Other than that, it is highly unlikely that you will shatter it during standard use. In addition, a glass bowl sink can be placed virtually anywhere in the bathroom. They can be mounted to the wall, fixed into cabinets, positioned on pedestals, or can be sited on top or inside of a counter.

Glass bowl sinks are unique types of sinks which will definitely add a quaint charm to your bathroom.